Level 4 (A2-)

Welcome to level 4 of the step-by-step core course! This level is aimed at upper beginners (CEFR level A2-), with more of a focus on reading, writing and grammar – particularly the past simple tense, comparatives and modal verbs. Each lesson is designed for 25-30 minute classes, and comes with lesson previews, workbooks and flashcards.

Unit 1: Daily life

This unit introduces the past simple tense (with regular verbs) while talking about past events.

Unit 2: Reminiscing

This unit consolidates the past simple tense and introduces key irregular verbs.

Unit 10 [coming soon]

[coming soon]

  • 4:10:1
  • 4:10:2
  • 4:10:3
  • 4:10:4
  • 4:10:5
  • 4:10:6

OLD: My yesterday [moving to level 5]

This unit focuses on the past continuous tense.

3 thoughts on “Level 4 (A2-)”

  1. Hi Katie,
    When will level 5 be released? My students will be using level 4 very soon so I want to know whether I will be able to stay with Abridge Academy curriculum for them or whether I will need to look for higher-level material elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Janice! There will be more units added to level 4, with 10 units planned in total – so after level 4 unit 6, you should move to level 4 unit 7 🙂
      Regarding level 5, yes we will be adding a new level 5. The old level 5 does not line up well with the new curriculum structure, so I wouldn’t recommend using those lessons any more (they will be deleted soon, they’ve just been left up for teachers who already had students following the old structure).
      I hope this clarifies things! ~Katie

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