Level 5

Welcome to level 5 of the step-by-step core course! This level is aimed at pre-intermediate students (CEFR level A2), introducing more complex grammar such as the future tense and conditionals. Lessons link to more diverse out-of-school contexts such as jobs, the environment and going out. Each lesson is designed for 25-30 minute classes.

Unit 1: Eating and cooking

This lesson focuses on practical language around cooking and eating food.

Unit 2: My town

This unit discusses places and activities in town, introducing conditionals and simple clauses.

Older lessons

Note: This level is currently under development. The lessons below are from our old curriculum structure, approximately around a similar level to those that are coming in this level. These lessons are mostly in our old lesson format and do not have many supplementary materials. In time, they will be removed as the new level 5 lessons replace them.

OLD: My house

This unit discusses rooms and activities at home.

OLD: Eating out

This level is due a total revamp as part of our new curriculum structure.

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