Level 2

Welcome to level 2 of the step-by-step core course! This level is aimed at beginners (CEFR level pre-A1), focusing on learning core vocabulary and set sentence structures while improving their spoken English. Each lesson is designed for 25-30 minute classes, and comes with lesson previews, workbooks and flashcards.

Unit 1: My friends

This unit discusses friends and how to introduce / describe other people.

Unit 2: Pets

This unit teaches words for different pets, while introducing possessive adjectives.

Unit 3: Sports

This unit introduces popular school sports and asking questions with “can”.

Unit 4: Clothes

This unit teaches new vocabulary and simple sentences for describing what clothes you wear.

Unit 7: My hobbies

This unit teaches students how to describe their hobbies and weekly routines.

Unit 8: Celebrations

This unit focuses on teaching dates, celebrations and object pronouns.

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