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Do you dream of travelling the world while inspiring the next generation of global citizens? Get qualified now with our range of accredited online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses. 

Our best-selling 120 hour online TEFL course is perfect for online or in-person jobs, while our 150 hour TEFL course includes an assessed teaching practicum to give you that extra boost for the best paid jobs! 

Where could TEFL take you?

From Japan to Bolivia, Abridge Academy alumni are teaching in classrooms or online all around the world!


Don’t just take our word for it – check out these reviews from our program alumni!

Rated 4.85
  • After completing this whole course, I’ve been blown away by Katie’s professionalism and the high quality of teaching provided by Abridge Academy’s tutors through the online clips interspersed in the course. I’m hoping to work for AA as soon as I can as a great way to transition into teaching!

    Isabella (UK)

    120 hour TEFL course
  • I have been a tutor of the Language Buddy programme since its launch, and I have enjoyed every moment! The students have been absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed helping them improve their English. I like to design my own lesson materials, but the language buddy hub also has a huge variety of materials available which the tutors are free to use for their lessons. The programme itself is very well organised and there is both Katie and the local staff who are willing to help you out and support you.

    Jadwiga (Poland)

    Online Language Buddy
  • I’ve started with the lessons and am really impressed! It’s great how much information is given on what is expected from tutors. The lessons on lesson planning and child development are also so valuable to know! I loved the lessons on TEFL Teaching Methodologies, they’re great to make lessons relevant yet interesting – there are so many great ideas. All in all really helpful and interesting, and you’ve given me some new project ideas for my lessons this month! 


    70 hour TEFL Course
  • I applaud the efforts made to provide intercultural exchange with plentiful accommodations to help us work through cultural differences and language barriers. I taught children ages 6-10 for almost a month, creating lasting memories with them. I realized kids are so much fun to work with! I loved the incredibly supportive team working behind the scenes and I hope to be participating again in the near future!

    I fully recommend applying to participate in Abridge EduCamp, which will ensure you are rightfully looked after and have the best of times during your stay in China.

    Andrés (Columbia)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • I have loved my work as a language buddy so far! I have taught students from 5 years old to 12 years old, which has helped me develop my own teaching skills, and have had so much support whilst doing so. You can commit as much as you want to this job, as there are guidebooks and pre prepared lessons, although once you get more comfortable there are opportunities to create your own content to suit your students. 

    Grace (UK)

    Online Language Buddy
  • I enjoyed so many different aspects of the program. I loved working with the kids who were so friendly, funny and sweet. I also enjoyed spending time with the other volunteers at the camp, it was great to meet so many new people!

    Sammy (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • I have the chance to work with brilliant students, learn about their language and culture, as well as improve my teaching skills. No words can describe how enthusiastic, kind and supportive this team has been: they offered teaching materials and pedagogic support, they even helped me set up my WeChat account and figure out my schedule! They are so amazing that they give us, the tutors, the opportunity to learn Chinese and gain a TEFL certificate, which I think is incredible!

    Felicia (Romania)

    Online Language Buddy
  • As a current au pair, some of the curriculum I was able to learn during my time as an au pair, but most of the content was new for me! This gave me new ideas to try, and new methods for teaching. This course was very helpful and insightful.


    70 hour TEFL Course
  • A wonderful program and that it has been one of my most enriching experiences. I have experience teaching children ages 3-16, but I still learned many things from teaching online! You are presented with the opportunity to teach children of all ages and at all speaking levels, so you really get the chance to learn different ways to engage with each one.


    Online Language Buddy
  • It is really rewarding to see students improve their English and show real enthusiasm in lessons. The Chinese language and culture activities available to all language buddies are really interesting and provide a valuable insight into life in China. Also the new opportunity to gain a TEFL certificate in is an amazing opportunity to enhance your CV!


    Online Language Buddy
  • My experience as an au pair in Shanghai was awesome! I’m about to complete my 6 months program and I will extend for 4 more. My host family is the best I could’ve wish for. They helped me settle in and they made me part of the family! 
    The mandarin classes were really cool with an awesome teacher. I came here that I didn’t know anything of the language and I have improved a lot through hard work.

    Andreea (Italy)

    Homestay TEFL internship in Shanghai
  • I would absolutely a thousand percent recommend this program. It is something that is deeply challenging and it’s certainly the most independent thing I’ve had to do, but it teaches you so many things – not only about teaching English, not only about Chinese language and culture, but it’s also an opportunity to learn many things about yourself and really develop as a person.

    Joe (UK)

    Homestay TEFL internship in Hangzhou
  • The program was phenomenal! There were various different aspects that I enjoyed – from teaching the kids and playing with them to really getting to grips with the outside areas such as Luanping and Chengde. It was absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Adilah (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Chengde
  • It was an incredible opportunity to make new friends through travelling and taking part in the fun cultural activities with the other teachers. It also gave me the opportunity to spend plenty of time with local people and see so much of the everyday culture and what China is really like, which I feel I would have missed out on if I came by myself purely for a holiday.

    Olivia (Ireland)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • Perfect TEFL for teaching online and face to face classroom. Supportive staff and fully accredited. Working as an online tutor now. Perfect. The course is straight forward and perfect for those who don’t have much free time. I would recommend this course to those who want to study in China or are looking to teach English as a foreign language abroad.

    Mimi (UK)

    150 hour TEFL course
  • I liked the fact that I got to be in a completely different culture to what I was used to. I got to try new foods all the time, go to new places, learn about the history. I feel like it’s made me understand Chinese people a lot more. If I need any help, I need to rant or talk about something, there’s always people at the agency – no matter what time you message them.

    Vanessa (UK)

    Homestay TEFL internship in Shenzhen
  • It’s definitely a great way to spend your summer – I’ve learnt so much and I think this kind of experience you wouldn’t really have got in other ways. It’s a very unique program – you’re teaching what you’re passionate about and you’re also exploring all of this environment around you.

    Natalie (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shanghai
  • I didn’t expect to have had such a good time as I have had! I’ve met so many lovely people. China is such a big, great country that I had never been to so it was definitely on my bucket list of places I want to see. I also really love teaching – I love seeing young kids and helping them to learn new stuff and grow. This was a great way of combining those two things.

    Ciaran (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • I really wanted to teach in China but a lot of other programmes wanted lesson plans completed during my Easter holidays which was something that I couldn’t do due to exam revision. I applied to Educamp since they were more aware of my other commitments compared to other organisations and didn’t expect too much of me before I’d finished my exams. They also didn’t require expensive course fees and it was great to have paid flights and accommodation.

    Luke (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shanghai
  • It was one of the best summers I’ve ever had, the programme totally immerses you in a new culture. Straight off the plane you’re confronted with new foods and customs. I’d highly recommend the homestay week as it’s the kind of experience you won’t get anywhere else, it takes a native to really show off Beijing.

    Shantu (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • Before even arriving in China I had learnt a lot through all the preparation, with a long visa process and TEFL course, but I was excited for the challenge! Once I arrived in China I got thrown straight in the deep end on a homestay with a local family who I stayed with for the first week before teaching at Summer Camps in Shijiazhuang and Beijing. I really loved teaching the children and learning a lot from them as well!

    Emma (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shijiazhuang
  • I had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed experiencing the Chinese culture. I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and developed my teaching skills. The experiences was also helpful in improving my confidence talking to large groups.

    Leah (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • Absolutely, I would recommend to a friend! Not only do you get to go to another country on essentially the other side of the world, for free, but you also get an incredible experience that’s sure to help you in whatever you end up going into in the future.

    Jack (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shanghai
  • After spending a summer in China on the EduCamp program, I would whole-heartily say that such an experience was rewarding, educational and recreational at the same time. For anyone out there considering starting off a teaching career or even trying it out over the summer I could not recommend the Abridge programs or any similar programs enough.

    Patricia (Romania)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • I feel this trip taught me that things such as travelling long distances are not as difficult as I thought they would be, and that I can cope well with it. I also learned more about Chinese culture, and really enjoyed this aspect of my trip. I would recommend the summer camps or work when travelling as it allows you to meet people from the area, who know the best parts of the area.

    Isobel (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Guangzhou
  • The program was so much fun! I learnt so much and met some amazing people. I really enjoyed teaching and getting to know a class and see how they progress with the help and new skills given to them. It is a great way to travel, gain teaching experience, speak to new people and learn so much. 

    Annabel (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • The Beijing camp exceeded my expectations. I have met such funny and interesting people on this programme, it has been lovely getting to know everyone and teaching the students. I am very happy I decided to do the camp! I learned how to assert myself in the classroom and take control of the room while also keeping the class entertained.

    Niamh (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • The program was a great experience for personal growth and learning. Teaching the kids was exciting and challenging at times but always rewarding.

    Pascal (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • The program was a great way to experience the education system in Asia. As someone looking to be a future teacher, I was able to try many of my teaching techniques and gauge the responses and effectiveness on children overseas.

    Jenny (Canada)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • One of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. I learned so much on this trip. Truly grateful for the experience. You learn so much from your peers and students. You get to visit all the museums and landmarks in Beijing. You also meet so many amazing people in this program.

    Jason (Canada)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • I would really recommend this to anyone! Everything ran smoothly at the school with lessons and I was also able to make good friends with other English speaking teachers from around the world. Was a great way to experience Chinese Culture and have an essentially free trip away to Asia! We also had some time in which the school had organised for some teachers to stay with a pupil’s family for a few day which was a great way to experience chinese family life.

    Mike (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • My experience in China was phenomenal! I met so many different people as well as students and teachers from different walks of life. I learned so much from these people. This definitely was an experience of a lifetime and one I would recommend to all.

    Haley (USA)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • Through teaching I was able to take on responsibility, leading my own lessons, as well as bonding with the kids in extracurricular activities including an amazing waterfight, and I learnt valuable skills from them too, from the dance routine of ‘what makes you beautiful’ to basic mandarin. 

    Jessie (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • By far one of the best experiences! I have learned so much about my potential that I didn’t know existed when it came to teaching. It was such a privilege teaching the students and bonding with them. They had so much enthusiasm and drive to learn English and putting it into practice. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing and seeing the evidence that I’ve made an impact on the students’ lives.

    Nellie (Canada)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shijiazhuang
  • I loved how much we were immersed into the authentic Chinese experience with the food, games, entertainment and music! I made such good friendships with the other teachers and three years on, we’re still in touch! But the best part by far was getting to spend so much time with such bright, passionate, enthusiastic (and often cheeky) kids! I would 1000% recommend this programme!

    Amy (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Beijing
  • I had such an amazing time and was able to meet such amazing people and lifelong friends along the way, all while being able to challenge myself in the classroom as a foreign teacher and as an individual traveling alone in a new country. It was an honor to be 老师 Lǎoshī to such amazing kids! 

    Rachel (Canada)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shijiazhuang
  • When I first arrived in Beijing, I was full of hope that the next six weeks would go well.  Looking back now, they far exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot about teaching, China, and myself. I’m so glad that I had this opportunity and would definitely encourage those interested to apply!

    Afra (Canada)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Shijiazhuang
  • This opportunity was actually great as a first experience of travelling to China. The fact that the teachers and teaching assistants from the school were there to pick me up from the airport, to introduce me to some local customs and obviously translate things meant that I didn’t feel left alone and overwhelmed. 

    Rebecca (UK)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Yangjiang
  • I had such a wonderful time teaching and exploring China this summer! The children who attended the summer camp were so bright and lovely, and all of the administration, faculty, and staff wanted to ensure that everyone was safe, comfortable, and having a blast!

    Leanna (USA)

    Summer camp TEFL internship in Yangjiang

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