Level 3

Welcome to level 3 of the step-by-step core course! This level is aimed at beginners (CEFR level A1), with more of a focus on grammar – particularly the present continuous tense and future tense. Students will also build their confidence using more extended and complex sentences. Each lesson is designed for 25-30 minute classes, and comes with lesson previews, workbooks and flashcards.

Unit 1: My town

This unit teaches words for places in town, as well as prepositions of place and giving directions.

Unit 2: Being helpful

This unit teaches words for different pets, while introducing possessive adjectives.

Unit 3: Weather + clothes

This unit introduces the present continuous tense, contrasting it with the present simple.

Unit 4: School activities

This unit consolidates students’ understanding of the present continuous tense.

Unit 5: Hobbies

This unit continues exploring the present continuous tense, in the context of hobbies.

Unit 7: Eating out

This unit focuses on how to order food and quantifiers for countable / uncountable nouns.

Unit 10: Travel

This unit focuses on making future plans using “going to” and “will”, with a travel theme.

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