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EduCamper Patricia-Ioana Sfagau from the University of Southampton shared her experiences teaching at the EduCamp summer camp in Beijing on the university’s Study Abroad and Exchange blog

Southampton Study Abroad

Abridge Academy has always had a strong relationship with the University of Southampton, having been founded by a start-up grant from them back in 2018.

Since then, over 10% of our EduCampers each year have come from Southampton, so it is great to hear their stories being shared!

In her post, Patricia shared her experiences volunteering on the EduCamp summer camp program in Beijing, focusing on how it has changed her perspectives on teaching, what she learnt from her students, and the insight the program gave her into the local culture.

The experience was rewarding, educational and recreational at the same time.
For anyone out there considering starting off a teaching career or even trying it out over the summer I could not recommend the Abridge programs or any similar programs enough!
Patricia-Ioana Sfagau

We would like to thank Patricia for her wonderful article – you can read it in full at the Southampton Study Abroad and Exchange Blog.

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