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Our mission

As a social enterprise, we are passionate about providing valuable, high quality products which have a positive impact on the world and support our mission of “bridging East and West through education”. We aim to:

Our story


Abridge Academy started back in 2018, offering TEFL summer camps and homestay programs in China. This set the foundations for our flagship EduCamp program.

Our programs particularly stood out for their commitment to providing outstanding pre-departure TEFL training, as well as the excellent level of funding and support. 


With support from the University of Southampton entrepreneurship team, Enterprise Nation, the Amazon Small Business Accelerator and Downing Enterprise, Abridge Academy has been rapidly expanding the past few years. We now offer programs across Asia as well as online language tutoring, cultural exchange and teacher training programs. Our programs now reach over 5000 teachers and students a year, while our alumni are teaching in almost every continent worldwide.

The future

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we teach, work and travel. Looking forwards, Abridge Academy particularly aims to facilitate cultural and language exchange online, while expanding our in-person offering to include graduate jobs and short term teaching programs in even more countries. 

Abridge Academy has always been about partnership and collaboration. We are actively looking for new partner schools, education companies and organisations to help us achieve this goal.



Ensuring our courses are high quality and trusted by employers is core to our commitment to education. 

All our TEFL qualifications are accredited and moderated by OTTSA – the Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Authority, an independent professional body dedicated to raising teacher training standards.


Unlike accredited only courses, ours are fully moderated too. This means that an expert team has scrutinised every aspect – from enrolment, course content and student support through to assessment and graduate job application guidance. We receive moderation reports every two months, so you can be confident our courses will always maintain their high standards and professionalism. 


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