Cambridge Social Impact Careers Blog: Launching Abridge Academy

Our founder, Katie Prescott, was interviewed for the University of Cambridge Social Impact Careers Blog, describing how her experiences studying and volunteering in China inspired her to launch Abridge Academy.

Cambridge Social Impact Careers

Run by the University of Cambridge Careers Service, the Social Impact Careers blog aims to inspire students interested in pursuing careers which have positive effects or influences on society.

Katie describes her experiences studying in China on the British Council Generation UK-China scholarship program, before spending a summer volunteering at what is now our main partner school in Shijiazhuang and Beijing. She also talks about the useful skills developed through teaching and volunteering abroad, how it inspired her to train as a teacher and the launch of Abridge Academy’s EduCamp program to offer even more students and young people similar life-changing experiences.

You can read the full interview on the Social Impact Careers blog.

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