Teacher insights: Referral marketing bootcamp

Thank you Ivy for joining the Referral Marketing Bootcamp and sharing these wonderful insights!

Why did you sign up for the referral marketing bootcamp?

With summer holiday just around the corner and a few of my students taking a month or two off, I figured it was perfect timing for me as an independent online teacher to learn how to add a few new students and better promote my teaching business.

I found out about Katie’s Referral Marketing Bootcamp – a three-day intensive teacher training on how to boost our teaching business using referral marketing.

How had referral marketing been going for you before the bootcamp?

I personally shied away from self-promo and only did it occasionally. As an old-school teacher I believe that being good at what you do is simply enough to make you successful.

However, especially in this period of the year, parents often simply do not remember or don’t have time to promote me as their child’s teacher. Whenever I asked they would say yes, but because they would have to put a lot of effort into sharing about our classes they just didn’t follow through.

Back when I was just starting, I did a referral flyer with a free trial class – lots of interest, but not many signups. It was clear that this strategy doesn’t work!

What did you learn from the bootcamp?

Sneak peak into the bootcamp livestream!

I’m SO glad I got the chance to attend the live events, learn some amazing tips and tricks. What really stood out to me was:

  • How to approach referral marketing as a strategy, instead of a one-off promotional activity.
  • The importance of offering something unique and personalized to motivate parents to refer me. (I LOVED all the ideas on perfect referral bonuses – thank you Katie!)
  • How to make it easier for parents to share all about my class offer.
  • Strategies to create a sense of urgency that encourages new students to sign up for classes instantly.

Why did you upgrade to VIP?

The VIP course was packed with just what I needed – lots of amazing templates for me to create referral flyers, gift cards, competitions, personalize my marketing strategy and get things going quickly and successfully.

I have already created my personal flyer (see photo) and can’t wait to share it with my students!

The VIP exclusive workshop was amazing, 150 minutes of absolute blast learning all the finest secrets of best referral marketing practices and hands-on results right on the spot!

If you want to seize the moment and boost your students base quickly, I highly recommend joining Katie’s VIP Referral Marketing Bootcamp – you will love it!

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