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Are you an independent online teacher wanting to find more students? Exhausted with posting endlessly on social media, just to bring in zero enquiries (or worse: free trial hoppers)?

Here’s a secret the social media marketing coaches don’t want to tell you: referral marketing is 5x more effective! Parents are significantly more likely to book classes from a referral, as they trust their friends’ opinions, and take classes for longer too.

Even better, referral marketing is easier and less time-consuming, plus (when done right) it helps boost your current students’ satisfaction too.

Have I convinced you yet? Join our totally FREE referral marketing bootcamp to boost your student acquisition this summer!

You will learn…

  • Why referral marketing is for you, whether you have 100s or students or none;
  • What makes a good referral bonus (no, it’s not free classes!);
  • How to encourage and empower students to refer you to friends;
  • Top tips and secrets to success.

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