Murray Edwards College Gateway Challenges Blog

The Gateway Challenges Blog shares stories from Murray Edwards students on the summer adventures, including travel, study and volunteering abroad. Abridge Academy was founded by an alumna of Murray Edwards, and we are delighted to have several Murray Edwards students join us each year.

Below, we have summarised the blog posts from EduCampers at Murray Edwards College discussing their experiences and top tips for the program.

Sammy Lappage

Sammy spent five weeks volunteering on the EduCamp program in Beijing in summer 2019, which describes as “an incredible experience where I got the chance to learn more about the Chinese culture, travel around Beijing and meet lots of new people”.

She then travelled across China, visiting Xi’an, Shanghai, Tongli and Suzhou. Read more about her experiences here.

Isobel Hanna

Isobel describes her experiences teaching at a summer camp in Guangzhou on the EduCamp program in 2019 before travelling around Thailand.

She shares her top tips for making the most from the program and the skills developed through the experience. You can read her article here.

Emma Walsh

Emma spent two months in summer 2019 enjoying homestay weeks in Beijing and Shanghai, summer camps in Shijiazhuang and Beijing, and extensive travels to cities such as Xi’an and the yellow mountains.

You can read her article here to learn more about her experiences and adventures!

Thank you to our EduCampers from Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, for sharing their experiences on the Abridge EduCamp program!

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