Enterprise Nation

Abridge Academy joined the Enterprise Nation Amazon Small Business Accelerator in June 2020 and were delighted to be invited to write an article sharing our top tips for building a positive community around your small business.

Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation is a community of small businesses and professional advisors, offering support to young entrepreneurs starting or growing their business.

Abridge Academy joined their Small Business Accelerator program in June 2020, providing us with a year of mentorship, training and support.

The Enterprise Nation team have been absolutely fantastic in helping us grow as a business despite the challenging coronavirus pandemic, and we were delighted to be invited to share our advice in an article on their website.

In our article on the Enterprise Nation website, we share our story launching and growing Abridge Academy as a social enterprise, before discussing the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on our educational travel programs. We focus on how we have adapted to offer more online programs as well as how Enterprise Nation’s training has helped us build more of a community around our business, reconnect with alumni and build our community generated content.

Thank you again to Enterprise Nation for their support and this opportunity!

You can read the full article here.

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