How to get started selling self-paced courses as an independent teacher

Want to make money in your sleep while having a greater impact on even more students? Let’s welcome special guest Ivy to share her insights into teaching self-paced courses!

In this webinar, Ivy covers:

  • Why you should consider offering self-paced courses as an independent teacher;
  • Top tips for making your courses more engaging and successful;
  • Useful tools and websites for adding more interactive content into your self-paced courses;
  • Listing and selling courses through the SuperTeacher platform.

Do you want to get started selling self-paced courses as an independent teacher?

SuperTeacher is a very affordable and easy to use platform designed specifically for independent online teachers, tutors and coaches. You can sell one-on-one classes, group classes, self-paced courses and hybrid programs. Get started with SuperTeacher today!

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