Zoom: Remote control

While the basic Zoom tools allow your students to engage with your lesson through annotations, you can take your teaching to the next level by and allow full interactivity with the Abridge Academy lessons using the Remote Control tool.

Remote control feature

The remote control feature allows you to give students control of your mouse – thus enabling them to directly interact with your lesson slides or on-screen games. You can find this tool at the top of the screen during screensharing.

To take back control from your students, simply click anywhere on the screen. You can then block the student from regaining control (useful in group classes or with younger students!) by selecting “stop remote control” in the top bar or holding down Ctrl+Shift+G (Mac) or Alt+Shift+G (PC).

This feature is great if you are using the Abridge Academy interactive curriculum resources, which include drag-and-drop activities, fun games and interactive quizzes.

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