What can I teach on AllSchool?

Are you a new AllSchool teacher unsure what classes to offer? There are literally infinite possibilities! Today, let’s discuss some example lessons using the Abridge Academy curriculum and how you can use these on AllSchool.

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A quick introduction to class formats

AllSchool offers three class format options:

  • One-time class: this is a single one-off class.
  • Multi-day class: this is a short series of classes making up a course. Students must join all lessons in the course, so the lessons can build on each other. Parents sign up and pay upfront for the course as a package.
  • Ongoing class: this is an ongoing series of classes, usually meeting at a fixed time each week. Students may join or leave any week – so the lessons must not build on each other. Parents pay via a weekly subscription.

You can choose to offer both one-on-one and group classes.

In terms of the Abridge Academy curriculum, we would recommend focusing on the expansion courses – students on AllSchool tend to be looking for short, niche and interest-based group courses. Some teachers have had success using the Abridge Academy core curriculum and listing ongoing one-on-one classes on AllSchool, however you tend to have a greater earning potential and ability to stand out with more niche group classes!

Beginners (A1): Phonics

Love teaching the younger kids? This fun phonics course helps students learn the sounds of the English, as well as practicing blending, segmenting, decoding and encoding skills. Each lesson has a fun theme, cute characters, a short story and plenty of games!

This course works best as a multi-day course on AllSchool, although you may wish to break it down into smaller short courses with around 4-8 lessons each.

Example class listing: ESL phonics adventure: the zoo by Teacher Angie

Beginners (A2): Space explorers

The space explorers course is a personal favourite, and it’s also perfect as a multi-day class on AllSchool! This short course consists of five lessons with a fun space theme, aimed at A2 level ESL students.

Students will learn the planets of the solar system, master space physics, design their own space rocket and blast off on their own space adventure!

Example class listing: Space Camp by Teacher Cindy

Intermediate (B1-B2): English News Reading Comprehension

This more extensive English News course is perfect for ongoing classes on AllSchool! Each lesson, students will read a short news article, answer comprehension questions and engage in wider discussions or debates around the topic.

Example class listing: Science in the News by Teacher Katie (Outschool)

Advanced (B2-C1): English debating course

An exciting new course on Abridge Academy, this series of debating lessons is perfect as a multi-day course or ongonig course on AllSchool! Each class, students will learn a new debating technique and apply this to a guided debating session.

Example class listing: Debating skills camp by Teacher Katie

Are you a current AllSchool teacher? Let us know in the comments what your most popular AllSchool class is, and how you use the Abridge Academy curriculum on AllSchool! Still not signed up to AllSchool yet? Apply today!

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