This series of classes, aimed at upper intermediate to advanced students, aims to open students’ eyes to different perspectives and ideas while developing debating skills. Students will learn about different global challenges or topical discussions as well as directly working on key debating techniques.

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Example lesson

Each class is designed to last 45-55 minutes, uses our interactive slide format and includes downloadable worksheets for students to use in class or for homework.

  • Designed for 45-55 minute lessons
  • Interactive slides format
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets for each lesson
  • Debating and persuasive speech focus, developing advanced speaking skills.
  • Suitable for teenage students with a B2-C1 English level

Curriculum structure

This 30 lesson course on debating can be completed in any order or with individual lessons used as one-off classes. The suggested order below is in increasing debating skill difficulty with a review lesson (bringing everything together and applying to a formal / competitive debating format) at the end of each level:

Teaching tips

  • Ask students to share their opinions/ ideas at the start of the class, then see if they have changed their perspective by the end.
  • Look for opportunities to link topics into current events or students’ own experiences, to make the classes even more engaging for students.
  • Be aware of culturally or politically sensitive topics, which may not be suitable for all students. Additionally, some cultures may be more conservative about sharing or challenging opinions.

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