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Learn English through the news! In this series of classes, you can support students developing their reading and discussion skill while learning about interesting news topics.

  • Designed for 25 minute lessons
  • Google slides format
  • Focuses specifically on reading comprehension and discussion skills
  • Suitable for learners with a B1-B2 English level

Most lessons contain a simplified version of the article within the slides, designed for students with a B1 English level or above, as well as a link to the original article – this may be more of interest to advanced learners, and can also be sent as a pre-reading task before the class.

Curriculum structure

These lessons are intended to supplement more formal core curriculum lessons. They can be completed in any order, and we would recommend picking out topics of most interest to your students. Within each category, lessons are roughly sorted by level (easy to difficult) in the drop-down menu.

Lessons typically start with a short vocabulary section (around 3-5 new words), followed by a reading comprehension activity, discussion questions and summary questions. Some lessons also include more detailed learning about the topic, for example an article about renewable energy may include a science section learning about global warming.

Teaching tips

  • You can send students the article to read before the lesson, thus giving them time to review any words they found challenging and grasp the meaning of the text.
  • While reading the article together, ask students comprehension questions to assess their understanding. Feel free to extend these further by asking about their opinions on the topic too.

5 thoughts on “English news”

    1. Thanks for the message – that’s a great idea, thanks for the suggestion! This course was built in our old slides format (Google slides – not the interactive Genially slides we use for the Science Boost course) as it was put together some time back, so doesn’t have the ability to easily build in the same level of games and interactive quizzes, but I’ll ensure any new lessons added will be built in the new format so it’s a bit more engaging.

      In terms of review slides, would you prefer this to be something you can send to students to do after class, something to do at the start of the next class (which is how it is set up for the Science Boost lessons) or just more review activities built into the main lesson slides? πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions! Really appreciate your insights to help us make the lesson resources even better for you. ~Katie

      1. I really like the way the review is built into the next module as in the Science Boost lessons. I’m not sure my student would be able to do the lesson if I sent it. I’ve tried sending my own review activities through Quizlet and other websites and his mom says they can’t access the websites. However, if there were homework pdfs I could send through WeChat, that would be awesome too. And, yes, the activities built into the lesson are also much appreciated. 😊

        1. Ok great, thanks so much for the insights! I’m actually changing this a little for the Science Boost lessons by adding in the review bit as an extra set of slides under the main lesson slides – this is to give teachers the flexibility to teach the lessons in a different order if they wish (I’m adding in more lessons which kinda slot in between some of the others, which was messing up things a bit with the reviews), and I’ve also added a link so you could alternatively send it to students as a more fun homework task than the worksheets (it’s accessible within China, at least at the moment). You can see the first lesson I’ve set up like this here: https://abridgeacademy.com/animal-and-plant-cells/

          For this news course, I’ll definitely put on my to-do list adding in some review slides (again, would be done as an extra set of slides under the original class slides, so you have the flexibility to teach the lessons in any order) and homework PDFs πŸ™‚ I was also thinking of making PDFs of the simplified news articles from the lesson slides, do you think that would be useful (for sending to students before class as a preview)?

          1. Oh, I like the review separated out. I’ve taught that lesson and liked it. As to the preview pdf that would be helpful too. Thanks so much.

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