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Learn English through the news! In this collection of regularly updated classes, you can support students developing their reading comprehension, analysis, and discussion skills while learning about interesting news topics. Although most lessons are aimed at students with an advanced English level (B2 or above), some are also accessible to intermediate level students.

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7 thoughts on “English news”

  1. Hi Katie & everyone at Abridge Academy – I absolutely love these English News lessons. I have one student at a higher level & we do these lessons every week. I hope that you will please continue to make more of these because they are SENSATIONAL.
    Thank you for the great curriculum again.

    1. Hi Sherri, sorry to hear about this issue. They are all loading fine for me – could you let me know what error you are getting when you click on the links in the side menu? Alternatively, feel free to use the search-and-filter tool above – we’re planning on getting rid of the sidebar menu soon anyway, this search-and-filter tool is much easier to navigate 🙂

  2. Nikie Filippides

    Katie, The English News articles are great. My students love the articles and we have great discussion about them . These are articles are helping all my student’s English skills. Please continue with these.

    1. Thanks for the message – that’s a great idea, thanks for the suggestion! This course was built in our old slides format (Google slides – not the interactive Genially slides we use for the Science Boost course) as it was put together some time back, so doesn’t have the ability to easily build in the same level of games and interactive quizzes, but I’ll ensure any new lessons added will be built in the new format so it’s a bit more engaging.

      In terms of review slides, would you prefer this to be something you can send to students to do after class, something to do at the start of the next class (which is how it is set up for the Science Boost lessons) or just more review activities built into the main lesson slides? 🙂

      Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions! Really appreciate your insights to help us make the lesson resources even better for you. ~Katie

      1. Oh, I like the review separated out. I’ve taught that lesson and liked it. As to the preview pdf that would be helpful too. Thanks so much.

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