Teaching on ClassIn course

Only for Abridge Academy FREE, Core or Ultimate curriculum members

Are you an independent online ESL teacher looking for an interactive teaching platform with all the tools you need and stability in China?

In this ClassIn course you will learn how to…

  • Install and set up ClassIn;
  • Add students and classes;
  • Send messages and files to your students;
  • Use the virtual classroom tools;
  • Enable interactivity with the Abridge Academy lessons;
  • Set and mark homework.

What is ClassIn?

ClassIn is a well-known online teaching platform, with excellent interactive features. Unlike Zoom, ClassIn has been specifically designed for online teaching.

As a whiteboard-based platform, ClassIn was aimed originally at teachers using PDF textbooks and worksheets – offering them the ability to upload and easily annotate these resources. More recently, they have released additional features such as a built-in browser, gamification tools and more.

Your tutor…

Hi! I’m Ivy from SuperTeacher. After teaching with Novakid, DaDaABC and Gogokid, I went independent in 2021 as well as launching SuperTeacher – a fully integrated payment and booking system for independent teachers.

I have been using ClassIn for several years with my students along with the Abridge Academy curriculum. I make my classes fun, challenging and rewarding, helping students love learning English.

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