ClassIn: Setting and marking homework

ClassIn has excellent out-of-class tools. In particular, the ability to set and mark homework is a great way to keep students practicing outside of class. In this video, Ivy works you through how to set some pages from an Abridge Academy workbook PDF as a homework task.

How can you set homework in ClassIn?

In ClassIn, you can set homework in the “to do”, “grades” or “course” tabs. There are a range of different homework options, including tests and discussion activities, but for the Abridge Academy workbooks the best option is the “assignment” task.

When creating the assignment, simply upload the PDF workbook, write some simple instructions for your student, check the settings (deadline, grading, etc) and click “post” to set the homework assignment.

How can I mark homework on ClassIn?

If you would like to grade or write feedback on the homework, ask your student to submit their completed work within the assignment task. They can upload an image or file. You can easily annotate this (click on the image to open a simple annotation window), write feedback, record audio feedback, and / or give a grade.

Can I create auto-marking homework on ClassIn?

Yes! Although these take a little more time to set up, tests can automatically mark answers as correct and grade your students. Tests can be re-used for multiple students in the future, so if you teach groups or lots of students it’s worthwhile setting them up.

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