ClassIn: Sharing lesson preview work

Before your class, it is recommended that you send your students the Abridge Academy lesson previews, flashcards, and any other preparation materials they may find helpful. This is a great way to encourage them to pre-learn new words and grammar points, so they are best prepared for your lesson.

In this video, Ivy will show you how to send these documents and links to your students before class:

Ivy introduced two methods of sharing these materials with your students before class:

Using the chat

In the chat, you can conveniently send links, files and messages to your student outside of class time. Simply upload the documents and click “send”.

Using the ClassIn drive

Another option, useful if you have multiple students following the Abridge Academy curriculum, is to upload files to your ClassIn drive. The lesson flashcards, workbooks, etc can be uploaded directly as PDF files, whereas for the lesson previews you can create a simple word document with the link.

The benefit of this approach is that you can share the documents easily with all your students from one place. However, do be aware that your ClassIn drive only has a small amount of storage space on the free plan. It is therefore best to only use this approach if you have a paid ClassIn plan.

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