ClassIn: Classroom layouts

You can easily change the position of you and your students’ videos by dragging them from the top bar onto the classroom. Alternatively, select a standard classroom layout template and hold down the “shift” key when dragging items around to snap them to the grids. Changing the classroom layout ClassIn offers a range of pre-made […]

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ClassIn Course Completion

Congratulations on completing this mini course on teaching with ClassIn, [Username]! I hope you have found it helpful for getting set up on this popular virtual classroom platform, as well as learning some useful tips and tricks to make your classes more engaging and educational for your students. Let’s give Ivy a HUGE thank you!

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Teaching on ClassIn course

Are you an independent online ESL teacher looking for an interactive teaching platform with all the tools you need and stability in China? In this ClassIn course you will learn how to… What is ClassIn? ClassIn is a well-known online teaching platform, with excellent interactive features. Unlike Zoom, ClassIn has been specifically designed for online

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ClassIn: Sending lesson feedback

At the end of your class, ClassIn automatically generates lesson feedback for the student. In this video, Ivy will show you what this lesson feedback looks like and how to add a personal teacher comment. How can you use the Abridge Academy feedback templates? At the end of the Abridge Academy lesson slides, you will

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ClassIn: Upload workbooks

Although the Abridge Academy workbooks were originally designed as homework resources, many teachers like to upload them or other worksheets to use in class too. In this video, Ivy will show you how to upload PDF files to the ClassIn blackboard and annotate. As you can see, it is easy to upload files to the

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ClassIn: Blackboard tools

This is just a quick interlude to highlight a few other awesome features available in the ClassIn classroom, which you can use in addition to the Abridge Academy lessons. Here is a summary of some of our favourite tools, all of which can be found in the right hand menu or toolbox: Gamification Annotation Activities

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ClassIn: Starting class

Now your lessons are all set up, it’s time to start class! Ivy will show you how to launch the classroom and get started learning with your student: How to launch the classroom in ClassIn Before your class (5 minutes in advance on the free plan, 20 minutes in advance on the pro plan), you

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