Rachel – teaching practicum in Shijiazhuang/ Beijing

How was your experience on your teaching practicum?

I had such an amazing time and was able to meet such amazing people and lifelong friends along the way, all while being able to challenge myself in the classroom as a foreign teacher and as an individual traveling alone in a new country. It was an honor to be 老师 Lǎoshī to such amazing kids! 

What did you get involved in outside of teaching?

The list of things we conquered on this trip included mountain trekking, the Great Wall of China, Class 9, flash floods, chicken feet, water fights, the local paparazzi, tipsy games of sevens on the Changping line, our indoor pool, Chinese bathrooms, Nick and George’s dumplings, and Gua.

What were your greatest memories from your teaching practicum?

I am so proud of all that both myself and the other foreign teachers accomplished in that time. I miss you all like mad, but am already so excited for when I get to see you all again. 

I crossed off bucket list items and learned so much about myself. The experience for me goes beyond words as it was one of those amazing moments that I’ll forever be grateful to have experienced.

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