Rebecca – teaching practicum Yangjiang/ Beijing

How was your experience on your teaching practicum?

I spent 5 weeks in China last summer teaching at Yangjiang in Guangdong Province and Changping in Beijing, and really enjoyed the experience! It was the first time travelling to Asia for me and the first time teaching too.

How were the English teaching opportunities?

The teaching part was a great experience I can only recommend. There is no need to actually stick exactly to the topics suggested by the school. Personally, I found it far more important to get my pupils engaged in the lessons and make sure they enjoy them because the whole aim of the camp is to improve their confidence when they speak English. 

It’s extremely rewarding when the shy students who couldn’t get a word out when you arrived end up putting their hand up or even shouting an answer out as soon as you ask a question!

How was the program as a first experience of travelling to China?

This opportunity was actually great as a first experience of travelling to China. The fact that the teachers and teaching assistants from the school were there to pick me up from the airport, to introduce me to some local customs and obviously translate things meant that I didn’t feel left alone and overwhelmed. 

On the other hand, on days off and after the camps finished I had the freedom to explore the surroundings by myself and with the absolutely amazing people (locals as well as other English teachers from around the world) I met at the camp.

What did you get involved in outside of teaching?

There was plenty planned outside of the classroom like a talent show, water fights and trips to cultural sights depending on which camp you go to and what’s around.

The summer camp also organised trips to local tourist sites and even the beach!

Would you recommend this teaching practicum?

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to travel to China because this really is an opportunity you don’t get often and besides being fun will definitely look great on your CV!

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