July 2022 curriculum updates

It’s been another exciting month at Abridge Academy! Not only are there 16 new or revamped lessons for our curriculum members, but we also ran an amazing FREE Global Social Media Marketing Challenge with the incredible Jillian Shanahan – over 300 teachers signed up to accelerate your independent online teaching businesses. If you missed it, we’re running it again from the 15th August – sign up now!

Core course

Two new lessons were added to the core course, while a further six lessons were revamped with new styling and extra activities:

Phonics course

We are totally rebuilding the phonics course to follow research-backed synthetic phonics methodology, while giving each lesson a fun theme and plenty of interactive activities. New lessons include:

Debate course

One new lesson was added to the debating course this month. This new and already very popular series of lessons is great for more advanced students wanting to improve their speaking skills!

Science boost

An additional lesson on the physics of waves was added to the advanced science boost course. This series of lessons uses a CLIL teaching approach and is ideal for teenage students interested in studying science abroad in the future.

Active grammar

The active grammar course is intended to supplement core lessons with additional practice opportunities and more systematic grammar instruction.

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