Homestay trip – Yangzhou


With over 2000 years of history, Yangzhou is a popular tourist city offering beautiful lakes, gardens and architecture. Homestay tutor participants from Shanghai enjoyed a two-day trip to explore the main sights and relax in the stunning scenery.

Historical architecture

The homestay tutors visited some of the famous architectural highlights in Yangzhou, including the ancient Daming Temple and traditional buildings along the canal. 

These buildings provide a fascinating insight into the ancient Chinese culture and history. By exploring beyond Shanghai, tutors can gain a broader appreciation of China and practice their new Chinese language skills!

Beautiful scenery

The homestay tutors spent one afternoon strolling around the most famous sight in Yangzhou – the Slender West Lake Park.

Here, they had the opportunity to try on some local traditional outfits for a fun photoshoot! 

The scenery around this lake is particularly famous, combining gentle water features, lush green plants, ancient stone bridges and small temples. Although this lake originally formed part of the national canal network, now it stands alone as a peaceful retreat from the city.

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