EduCare trip: company insight day

Company Insight Day

The “made in China” label appears on products around the world, and the Chinese economy has benefited massively from the growth of high-end manufacturing companies.

This day provided an insight into how Chinese companies have grown to dominate in the international market. Participants learnt about the importance of good design, high quality, high-throughput manufacturing and international marketing.

Oriental Baifu Fashion Manufacturing Company

One of the largest fashion manufacturing companies in Zhejiang province, Oriental Baifu has an annual turnover of over $1m and ships their products around the world. They specialise in the manufacturing of high-quality fashion socks for a wide range of western brands.

Meeting the designers

While the manufacture of socks may seem like a simple industry, the increasing level of competition makes having a strong design considering comfort, style and cost critical. 

EduCare participants had the opportunity to learn more about the design process, meeting with the designers and viewing some of the real-life design drawings used.

International marketing

To expand internationally, Oriental Baifu utilised a wide range of strategies, constantly adapting their marketing techniques to reach a wider audience. 

EduCare participants learnt about the different marketing approaches and packaging used in Chinese domestic and international markets.

They spoke to one of the company’s top directors to hear about her experiences working with international brands, learning some top tips for their future careers!

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