Homestay Cultural Activity – Tai Chi

Hangzhou EduCare au pairs learnt some basic Tai Chi moves as part of their cultural activities program!

Tai Chi

A traditional martial art combining self-defence with fitness and meditation, Tai Chi originated in China and is now popular worldwide. Au pairs enjoyed an afternoon Tai Chi class in Hangzhou, learning a simple routine from local Tai Chi experts.

For this Tai Chi exercise, the students needed to imagine holding a ball of energy in their hands, slowly moving it around in an elaborate pattern of movements. This requires a high level of control and thus strengthens the body while focusing the mind. 

Culture of Tai Chi

The traditional principals of yin and yang are central to the practice of Tai Chi, which incorporates Confucian and Taoist ideas. 

Therefore, learning Tai Chi can provide both an insight into traditional Chinese martial arts and into the underlying cultural principals of this country.

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