Earth Day Teaching Resources

Do you want to inspire your students to care for our planet?

πŸ’š As the educators of the next generation, we can have a huge impact on how our students see the world around them. By teaching them about climate change and inspiring them to take action, we help protect their future.

πŸš€ If that sounds daunting though, don’t worry – Abridge Academy has loads of highly interactive and engaging pre-made teaching materials to help!

Core Course

Teaching beginner ESL learners? There are various environmentally themed lessons throughout our step-by-step core curriculum, suitable for students with an A1-A2 level of English.

Guided Reading: The Little Prince

One of our favourite short courses is this cute seven-session series of lessons reading The Little Prince. Throughout, students learn to see the world around them through different eyes. There are also activities such as designing a poster about caring for the planet or discussing the life of refugees, which directly link to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Debating Course

We LOVE this new debating program – perfect for your more advanced learners! Debating is fantastic for getting students fully engaged in discussing and analysing topics. These lessons in particular link to environmental topics:

Science Boost

Of course, a post about environmental science lessons for Earth Day wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our science curriculum lessons! Designed for advanced students, these classes focus on popular middle school science topics – perfect for students needing help moving to English-medium schools or looking to study abroad in the future.

What are your plans this Earth Day? Share one thing you are doing to protect the environment or educate your students in the comments πŸ‘‡

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