Guided Reading: The Little Prince

This series of classes, aimed at beginner level students, focuses on a simplified version (translated from French and re-written specifically for B1 level or above English learners) of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This is a great introduction to guided reading and the formal academic study of literature.

Students will gradually read through the story together, while learning new vocabulary, engaging in discussions around the book themes, and completing short project tasks.

Each class is designed to last 25 minutes and uses our interactive slide format – incorporating drag-and-drop activities, matching tasks and more.

  • Designed for 25 minute lessons
  • Suitable for one-on-one classes or small group classes
  • Interactive slides format
  • Suitable for students with a B1 English level

Curriculum structure

This series of seven lessons should be followed in order:

  1. The power of imagination [FREE]
  2. The importance of numbers
  3. The value of care
  4. The foolishness of self-importance
  5. The blindness of instructions
  6. The importance of friendship
  7. The hidden treasure in your heart

Teaching tips

  • Send your students the lesson previews before class so they can pre-read the story and review any unfamiliar vocabulary. In this way, you can make best use of the class time focusing more on reading comprehension, discussion and extension tasks.
  • Be prepared to adapt your teaching according to your students’ age and literary analysis experience – younger students may not yet have the skills to really analyse texts in-depth even in their native language yet, whereas teenagers could spend more time on the more challenging thematic questions and do more formal written extension tasks.
  • Encourage your students to keep notes on key characters, themes and plot points throughout these classes. This will help them build connections between each lesson and assist with the final summary activities.

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