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Important: Lessons marked with an asterisk (*) are available for free tier members. For all other lessons, please ensure you have purchased a paid plan to access.


The Abridge Academy Core Course is intended to form the main part of your online curriculum – just as a classroom teacher may follow a set textbook. It guides learners step-by-step from the complete beginning. Using our interactive slide format, these lessons incorporate fun games, activities, songs, video clips and more to make learning English fun!

  • Designed for 25 minute lessons
  • Interactive slides format
  • (Coming soon) flashcards, lesson previews and homework worksheets for each lesson
  • Focuses particularly on developing spoken English skills, vocabulary and grammar, with smaller writing, reading and phonics components

Curriculum structure

The core curriculum course is under continual development, with new lessons being added every week. Please check our curriculum map for an overview of currently available lessons and those still in development.

In general, each unit (6 lessons) consists of:

  • A vocabulary focused lesson
  • A grammar focused lesson
  • A STEM focused lesson
  • A culture focused lesson
  • A story focused lesson
  • A review lesson

However, there is some slight variation between units depending on the topic.

Teaching tips

  • Send students the lesson previews and flashcards (where available) before class, to create more of a “flipped classroom” approach, enabling you to focus class time more on putting their skills into practice.
  • Print out flashcards or prepare props (realia) for the keywords, using these to prompt students during class.
  • Stay flexible! As an independent teacher, you do not have to rigidly stick to the slides and power through them all in a tight time limit. Feel free to supplement slides with your own worksheets or exercises, add in more flexible freetalk around the topic, switch to the whiteboard to practice writing example sentences, or skips slides/ games less suitable for your students.
  • Supplement core course lessons with phonics classes or expansion courses, depending on the needs/ interests of your students. For example, you may wish to spend two lessons a week doing core course classes and one lesson per week focusing on phonics.

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