Seasonal celebrations

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This course consists of a fun series of lessons themed around international festivals and celebrations while reviewing core English skills, particularly focusing on beginners levels. Where relevant, links to core curriculum lessons are included to help you link these lessons into your teaching schedule.

  • Designed for 25 minute lessons
  • Interactive slides format
  • Fun games, creative activities and cultural insights
  • Focus on reviewing core topics and skills from core course lessons, with a fun festive theme
  • Suitable for young learners with an A1-A2 English level

Curriculum structure

These lessons are intended to supplement your main core curriculum classes. They do not need to be completed in any particular order, but can instead be introduced where relevant to the season and core course topic. You can view the lessons in the sidebar menu.

Teaching tips

  • Pick out lessons relevant for your students, for example a lesson which reviews a recently completed core course topic. You do not need to complete these lessons in any particular order.
  • Have fun! These lessons are intended more as review and a way of sharing cultural festivals and celebrations. Feel free to add in your own creative tasks, games, videos, songs, etc. too.

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