PalFish: Probationary period

Once you have completed your training, you will be given priority for trial classes for your first 48 hours. Be sure to make the most of this time by opening up your schedule as much as possible during this period!

Your first two trial classes are classed as “probationary classes”. Note that you are NOT paid for these first two trial classes, but will be paid for any trial classes after these. Do bear in mind that by this point you should already have received a 100 RMB ($15) new teacher bonus from PalFish (intended to help purchase props or other equipment), which is an advance payment roughly similar to the amount you would have earned during these two free trial classes.

Your first two trial classes will be watched by your PalFish mentor or class admin, who will later send you more detailed feedback (similar to that received after your demo class) to support your teaching development. Note that you can still teach other trial classes or OKC classes while you are waiting to receive this feedback.

Why is this probationary period so important?

This probationary period is essentially the only time PalFish will directly promote your profile to families as a priority, so it is really important to ensure your schedule is as open as possible during these 48 hours to teach as many students as you can.

Your probationary period is also a really key opportunity to impress your PalFish admin (who has significant control over promoting you to students in the future) as well as attract your first few students. If your trial students enjoy the class, they may then purchase a “package” (i.e. sign up to paid classes) – this not only awards you bonus points, but also boosts you up to continue receiving further trial students.

You may also receive a few Official Kids Course (OKC) students, who have already signed up for paid classes. They are often encouraged to try out a range of tutors and pick a few to have regular classes with going forwards.

Be sure to check out the next lesson which provides some top tips for converting trial class students!

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