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While you are completing your training classes, or as soon as possible afterwards, be sure to put together a short introductory video to include on your profile. This provides parents with an insight into your personality and teaching style, helping attract more students!

While this is not officially a requirement (and indeed I didn’t create my own introductory video until being with PalFish for over a month!) it definitely helps you get bookings and is worth doing as early as possible in order that parents can see it while your profile is being boosted the first 48 hours after completing your training. This new tutor priority period is really critical to your ongoing success with PalFish.

How long should my video be?

Your video should be around two minutes long, although do bear in mind that parents may just watch the first 30 seconds or so thoroughly – so make these first few seconds really count!

What orientation should I record the video in?

Your video should be recorded in landscape mode, as it will appear in the top banner of your tutor profile. PalFish recommends a size of 750 x 420 (16:9 widescreen ratio), so if you have the ability to set your phone/ camera video size make sure to adjust according to these recommendations.

How can I ensure my video is high quality?

PalFish are not expecting a highly professional video, however it is still important to record as high a quality video as possible to give a good first impression to parents! Here are some top tips:

  • Use a good quality camera or high resolution phone camera
  • Make sure you are well lit – use natural light from the window or plenty of good lights
  • Keep your phone/ camera stable – you can just prop it up as you would in a usual class
  • Ensure your audio quality is good – no background noise and consider wearing a headset
  • Remember that your audience is the parents (potentially alongside their kids) – speak in clear and simple English and show off your enthusiasm for teaching!

What should I include?

PalFish recommends including the following in your introductory video:

  • A brief introduction to yourself
  • Your teaching specialities or approach
  • Your classroom environment and props
  • Your teaching experience and understanding
  • End with a positive “see you in class!”

You could also add in a short teaching demo (e.g. using one of your props to teach a new word) or even a screen recorded clip from your training trial classes, which shows your teaching style to parents.

Should I professionally edit the video?

It is not essential to professionally edit the video, indeed it is better to have a mediocre video compared to no video at all. However, there are some simple editing software or apps which can add some simple extra touches to enhance your video!

On your computer, you can use free software such as iMovie (Mac) or OpenShot (Windows/ Mac/ Linux). On your phone, you can use free apps such as iMovie, InShot or YouCut. These allow you to crop and trim clips, add multiple clips together, edit transitions and add an intro or animated titles. To make them more fun, add in animated stickers or emojis and use a colourful theme!

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