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Calling all independent online ESL teachers looking to find more, higher paying students on Chinese social media!

XiaoHongShu is a must-have app for marketing in China, with over 100 million monthly active users, the majority of whom are in “tier 1” cities – where parents have the spending power to pay good money for high quality classes for their kids.

Join us for a FREE XiaoHongShu marketing bootcamp, setting you up for success!

In this FREE bootcamp, you will learn how to…

  • Design your Chinese social media marketing funnel to attract new leads;
  • Set up and optimise your XiaoHongShu account;
  • Plan a powerful posting strategy to grow your audience;
  • Make your first post on XiaoHongShu;
  • Understand the algorithm to boost your success!

This bootcamp is for you if…

You KNOW you’re an awesome online teacher, teaching any subject and from any country, but struggle to reach new students.

You want to go independent to earn more per hour and have full control over your student base – escaping low-paying ESL platforms or restrictive marketplaces.

You are ready to put the work in to grow your student base authentically and sustainably.


You’re already an independent online ESL teacher with a small student base, but don’t know how to expand this further. How are other teachers doing it?

Meet your host…

Hi! I’m Katie from Abridge Academy. I’ve been teaching online since 2013 and co-founded a Chinese online ESL teaching program in 2020.

It’s been HARD WORK but I’ve learned all the tips and tricks you need to go independent and earn $50+/ hour teaching online.

I help teacherpreneurs like you develop the social media marketing strategies you need to get high-paying Chinese students for your classes!

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