Douyin marketing course

Only in the Chinese Social Media Mastery program

10+ step-by-step video courses to help you find your own independent students via Chinese social media!

Important: As of January 2022, Douyin has now implemented a real-name-authentication system requiring all users to verify their identity via their Chinese ID card. Unlike other platforms, there is no option for international users to apply for verification using a passport instead. I am leaving in these lessons in the course for those of you who are Chinese nationals, but for everyone else I’d recommend taking these ideas and using on similar platforms such as Kuaishou (Douyin copycat, more popular in smaller cities in China), XiaoHongShu (Chinese Instagram) or TikTok (for non-Chinese students).

Are you an independent online ESL teacher hoping to teach students from China? Do you want to tap into the world’s largest online ESL market?

Douyin is China’s TikTok equivalent (literally the same app – they’re both owned by Bytedance), helping you find Chinese students through short-video based marketing.

Two thirds of Chinese social media users use Douyin, and it has over 600 million daily users in China alone. Compared to WeChat or other social media apps, Douyin has much more potential to “go viral” and reach a wider audience organically, since videos can be easily shared more publicly and there is a huge push by the app to recommend users more content.

You will learn how to…

  • Set up your Douyin account (note: Chinese ID card required);
  • Optimise your Douyin profile to better promote you as an expert in your subject;
  • Create short video content that harnesses the algorithm to reach your target students;
  • Easily produce and edit short videos using the Douyin editor.

This course is for you if you…

  • Want to earn more as an online teacher by finding your own students independently;
  • Have a Chinese ID card (required for registration on Douyin) or are willing to apply these ideas to similar apps such as Kuaishou;
  • Are willing to put yourself in front of the camera and have fun with short form video content;
  • Are ready to put in the work to advertise your independent teaching services.

Your tutor…

Hi! I’m Katie from Abridge Academy. In 2020, I co-founded an online ESL start-up based in mainland China. In this role, I have cooperated very closely with my Chinese colleagues, gaining a unique insight into the ESL industry in China and learning which marketing techniques actually work.

I am also a qualified teacher with experience teaching in the UK, Japan and China, as well as teaching online (both independently and with various platforms) since 2013.

It’s been HARD WORK but I’ve learned all the tips and tricks you need to go independent and earn $50+/ hour teaching online.

I help teacherpreneurs like you develop the social media marketing strategies you need to get high-paying Chinese students for your classes!

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