Find high-paying students from China

Escape low-paying ESL company jobs by going independent and taking control of your earnings!

Is this for you?

  • Are you struggling by, earning $15/ hr (or less!) with mass market ESL companies?
  • Have you tried finding your own students online, but struggled to get any interest?
  • Are you frustrated with parents knocking you down on pricing?
  • Are you fed up doing endless free trial classes, wasting time on freeloaders?

Find genuine, high-paying students online by mastering Chinese social media today!

Hi, I’m Katie

I’m a former classroom teacher turned online teacherpreneur. Having taught in the UK, China and Japan, as well as online since 2013, I was fed up of the chaos of school classrooms and disheartened by the paycuts at the online ESL company I worked for.

I knew I deserved better, and so do you.

I started teaching independently, then in 2020 co-founded an online ESL start-up program based in mainland China. We reached over 600 paying students within a year of launch.

If I can do it, so can you.

I have helped thousands of teachers like you go independent and find your own students on Chinese social media.

What will you learn?

Understand China

– Chinese education system and exams
– Linguistic challenges for Chinese learners
– Insights from real students, parents and teachers

Master the Finances

– How to maximise your rates
– Create a powerful value proposition
– Negotiation and upselling strategies
– Methods for receiving payments from China

Get students

– Top Chinese social media platforms
– Design your social media marketing funnel
– Lead magnet optimisation

Master WeChat + XiaoHongShu

– Optimise your accounts to convert
– Post authentic content that actually works
– WeChat messaging, moments, groups, and channels
– Advanced XiaoHongShu tools: hey posts, analytics, computer app and more
– Master the XiaoHongShu algorithm
– Save time with more efficient posting tools


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