Dougal – Homestay Tutor Shanghai

How was your homestay tutor experience?

I had an absolutely fantastic time! I stayed with the family and I taught the 16-year-old boy English. We had more or less a brotherly relationship, so far that we loved going out together, playing sports, going to the gym, hanging out together and learning some English as well. We played a lot of English games, and it was cool to watch his English develop as I was there.

What other experiences did you have?

I also was lucky enough to go travelling some weekends with the family, which was very fun because they were able to show me different parts of China that I wouldn’t have been able to see if I was by myself.

What did you gain from taking part in the program?

Because I was also attending university, I was able to practice the Chinese that I learnt at school in a real Chinese environment with real Chinese speakers.

Would you recommend the program?

I would encourage anyone who’s thinking about doing a homestay to definitely take up that opportunity and it’s definitely one that you won’t regret.