Why teach for PalFish?

There are so many online ESL tutoring companies available, it can be hard to know which ones are best for you. Additionally, to improve your chances of getting hired and having a more reliable schedule, we recommend that you apply to multiple companies across different timezones and niches.

We also always emphasise that there is no one perfect company – each has their advantages and disadvantages. However, PalFish’s commitment to providing a positive tutoring experience led us to partner with them to create this guide!

Advantages of teaching with PalFish

  • Set your own schedule for students to book classes on a fortnightly basis, making PalFish one of the most flexible ESL tutoring companies
  • Fair and competitive pay scale based on the number of hours taught, reliability and bonuses ($14 – $22/ hour – see later sections of this guide for details on how to boost your earnings!)
  • Minimal lesson prep required – all slides, games, etc. provided (just prepare some simple props)
  • Excellent induction and onboarding support via personal mentor, new tutors groups, etc. plus high quality ongoing training
  • Great curriculum and interactive game-based lesson activities to make teaching fun!
  • 100 RMB ($15) bonus for new hires (intended to help you purchase props or equipment)
  • No degree required, enabling you to teach and earn alongside your studies
  • Teach from your phone from anywhere in the world, with no residency requirements

Disadvantages of teaching with PalFish

  • It can be challenging to attract reliable income in your first few months (see later sections of this course for some top tips!!)
  • You do need to be super enthusiastic and energetic – which can be more tiring if you are less keen on teaching younger kids
  • If you are consistently late or cancel classes last minute, you will lose points which affects your ability to be promoted to a higher pay scale

Ready to get started? Apply now to become a PalFish Official Kids Course teacher!

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