Introduction: Who is PalFish?

Are you looking for a flexible, fun and no-prep online English tutoring opportunity you can teach from your phone? Become a kids English teacher with Palfish

Palfish is a Chinese company which launched in 2015 as an innovative online English language app. They offer two main programs: the Official Kids Course (OKC) and PalFish Freetalk. All PalFish classes are taught one-on-one from their iOS/ Android app, with the majority of students located within mainland China.

PalFish Official Kids Course

The PalFish Official Kids Course (OKC) curriculum is a fully developed program of 25-minute classes incorporating fun games, songs, cartoon clips, Snapchat-style filters and interactive elements to engage kids in learning. For teachers, this means minimal preparation (all teaching slides are provided) and enjoyable, high energy teaching! 

As an OKC teacher, you will earn 55 – 75 RMB/ class ($14-22/ hour) according to their points-based promotion system. You set your availability on a simple fortnightly calendar system, then PalFish schedules your classes with students.

PalFish Freetalk

PalFish Freetalk is a smaller part of the PalFish platform focusing on teenage students and adult learners, offering flexible, conversation based classes. Teachers and students can connect through their simple messaging platform to arrange one-on-one live classes. As a teacher, you can set your own freetalk rate (up to 5 RMB/ minute = $45/ hour) and schedule. You are responsible for developing your own lesson packages to promote to students, or simply adapt your freetalk around each student’s needs.

Note that you do not need to pick between the Official Kids Course and Freetalk – all successful applicants are automatically approved both!

Ready to apply? Get started teaching on PalFish here!

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