Which online tutoring company is best for you?

We’ve searched high and low, spent hundreds of hours trying out each company and scrutinised reviews to find the very best online tutoring companies for you! Everyone has different priorities – so whether you are looking for a flexible side-hustle to top up your income, or a well paid position you can take full-time, keep reading to check out our recommendations.

Best for flexibility: Cambly

With no minimum hours, no advance commitment required and no cancellation penalties, Cambly is one of the most flexible tutoring platforms we’ve come across. Simply open up your laptop, set your profile to “active” and start teaching! Students simply give you a call and select one of their pre-made lessons or freetalk. Get your application started here!

Runner up: PalFish – with no minimum hours and no financial penalties for advance cancellations.

Best for earnings: Outschool

With average earnings of $50/ hour, the flexibility to set your own prices and the group class setup, Outschool is by far the best platform if you are a more professional or experienced educator looking to increase your income. You’ll need to be comfortable planning your own classes, which can be on any subject/ hobby/ skill, but if you’re willing to put the effort in it can really pay off. Get your application started here!

Runner up: Vision Academy – earn £30+/ hour for elite academic and university applications mentoring

Best for curriculum: PalFish

We are huge fans of the PalFish curriculum, which is well structured with plenty of review / consolidation lessons. Their classes are packed full of fun games, interactive activities, mini cartoon clips, catchy songs and more – making lessons fun for both you and the kids! Join PalFish now or check out our in-depth PalFish get hired guide.

Runner up: Magic Ears – teach high energy, fun and engaging ESL group classes

Best for groups: Magic Ears

Group classes can be very fun and financially more rewarding, and we love how Magic Ears has embraced the group teaching model to make classes even more interactive and rewarding for everyone! Get your application started here.

Runner up: Outschool – teach whatever you are passionate about via group classes on Zoom!

Best for subject teaching: MyTutor

While most people think of ESL (English as a Second Language) when they think about online tutoring, actually subject teaching is also very popular. The MyTutor school’s program pays you £10-20/ hour to teach academic classes to GCSE and A level students! Sign up to be a tutor here.

Runner up: Outschool – teach any subject, any hobby and any skill you are passionate about!

Best all round: Star Mentor

Of course, we couldn’t write an article about online tutoring opportunities without mentioning our own program! Teach fun English classes themed around interesting subjects/ topics while earning £16+/ hour on our Star Mentor program, with a flexible schedule and opportunities for top tutors to teach other subjects, lead group classes or get involved in curriculum development. Apply now!

Just starting your online English teaching journey or looking to upskill? Check out our accredited 120 hour TEFL qualification – essential for most online ESL jobs!

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