Top teacher tips: extending lessons with simple whiteboard drawings

Let’s welcome teacher Alicia from Ecuador, who will share with us some insights into an awesome activity she enjoyed recently with a student!


Hi everyone! I’m Alicia, an online teacher in Ecuador. I am thrilled with the Abridge Academy courseware! I am just starting unit 2 – it’s another great unit with fantastic materials 🙂

Today I’d love to share a simple activity we did in class to extend upon the lessons while consolidating the learning content.

A simple, zero-prep and fun learning activity…

There was a drawing board included at the end of the shapes lesson.

I used some free time to draw animals using these shapes with my students.

We did animals today, but you could use any topic your students love – e.g. food, playground items, cartoon characters, etc.

Always link games and activities to the key learning objectives!

Throughout the activity, we used the key vocabulary and sentences from the class – “It’s a circle!” and “It’s a square!” as we drew different animals.

We also reviewed the material from Unit 1, Lessons 1-6 while doing this – for example, when the student drew their dog, I then asked: “What is your name?”, “Where are you from?”, and “How old are you?”. The student replied: “I’m dog. I’m from Mexico. I’m 5 years old.”.

Use creativity to engage your learners

Of course, some of my students are much better at drawing than I am!

They really enjoy this chance to shine and I love to expand their vocabulary. 

Thank you teacher Alicia for sharing this awesome yet simple activity for extending upon her classes!

2 thoughts on “Top teacher tips: extending lessons with simple whiteboard drawings”

  1. Awesome! I use this idea all the time. Sometimes I instruct the student in drawing a particular item (directed drawing – it really checks their comprehension). Sometimes I start drawing and have them guess what it is (I’ll pick something from their lesson and draw one part at a time and have them guess. I’ll add clues as I go.) I love using the whiteboard creatively!

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