Top 10 Thanksgiving activities for your online ESL classes

Red leaves are falling, cold winds are blowing, and the world descended into chaos last week when the clocks changed – which means only one thing… Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Here at Abridge Academy, we’ve got a bunch of fun and educational activities to sprinkle some holiday magic into your ESL classes. From crafting adorable turkey pen pots and exploring colors with leaf rubbing art to reading interactive stories about the celebrations, these ideas are all about making English skills bloom in a festive setting. Let’s create some memorable learning moments together! 🍂

1: Turkey pen pot craft project

Want a fun craft activity students will continue to use and treasure for months or years to come? This cute turkey pen pot project taps into the thanksgiving theme, while giving them an easy way to review days of the week (or any other topic!) every time they sit down at their desk. 

2: Handprint turkeys

Simple but effective! Ask your students to draw around their hands or make a handprint with paint, then turn this into fun turkey artwork. This is not only a quick craft activity to finish up your lesson, but also a great way of reviewing parts of the body! 

3: Gratitude tree

One for your more advanced students, craft a tree from construction paper or on your virtual whiteboard and assist students writing the things they are thankful for to put on the leaves. This would be a great final craft activity for the amazing interactive story lesson “What I’m thankful for” by teacher Brenda!

4: Thankful poetry

Help your students prepare a short poem about what they’re thankful for. Young learners could start with a simple acrostic poem or shape poem, whereas your more advanced students could craft their own limericks or sonnets!

5: Leaf rubbing art

Get your students outside exploring the textures of nature with this fun leaf rubbing art activity! As they create beautiful leaf imprints, they can also practice labelling colors and shapes, integrating vocabulary into their creative process. 

6: Thanksgiving scavenger hunt

Teaching directions or prepositions of place? Hide fun hiding thanksgiving themed items around your classroom for students to find. This could be your physical teaching space, your students’ rooms (get the parents on board to help hide things before class!), your virtual whiteboard platform, or an online virtual learning world such as the Koala Go playground area.

7: Thank you cards

Nothing says “thanks” better than a hand-made, personal card. Practice letter writing skills while getting creative! Decorate your cards with harvest-themed imagery such as leaves, acorns, pinecones or corn for a festive vibe.

8: Leaf collage

Another great activity for kids who love outdoor adventures – collect leaves, small stones, twigs, acorns and more to put together a thanksgiving themed collage or room decorations. Use a situational learning approach to develop students’ English skills in context – discussing the items they can see, describing their artwork and giving instructions.

9: Thanksgiving story time

Have you checked out the wonderful interactive stories by teacher Brenda, included in your Abridge Academy ultimate membership? Develop students’ reading comprehension skills, practice rhyming word phonics or create storyline maps to develop students’ English skills through reading!

10: Thanksgiving bookmark craft

Want to inspire your students to enjoy reading? Create cute autumnal bookmarks decorated with leaves, turkeys, hedgehogs and other fall-themed imagery. On the back, add a space for students to record the books they’ve read – you could even make it a competition between your students to read five books before winter! 

Are you inspired?

So there you have it – 10 creative craft activities that bring joy to your online ESL classes while nurturing language skills! 

Looking for pre-made lesson slides, activity guides and workbooks for your festive themed classes? Get started with the Abridge Academy curriculum for free today!

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  1. There are so many creative and fun ideas to make classes engaging, fun, and hands on. I’m definitely taking some if these tips. I’m looking forward to adding the physical projects, art projects and treasure hunt to go along with my stories. Thank you for these awesome ideas !💡 👏 ❤️ 🍂 🍁 🦃

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