Teacher Rabbi found 31 students and quadrupled her hourly income!

Are you looking to boost your independent teaching business, with more students and a higher hourly income? I’m so excited to welcome Teacher Rabbi from the Philippines to share with us the secrets to her success!

Growing from just two initial students…

I left my online teaching platform last February after the strong typhoon hit my country. For about one and a half months we didn’t have electricity or internet, so I lost my job – I was devastated. I was so grateful when two of my former students found a way to contact me via email (we use WeChat though now!).

I started with only two students but now have 31 Chinese students in total! I am so happy to use the Abridge Academy curriculum to make lesson planning simpler while providing more professional slides for my classes. Kids love the lessons and parents all plan to renew!

If you’re a good teacher, parents will refer you

The mom of my first students helped me with my marketing – word-of-mouth promotion. I give all my best during the trial class to convert students. I’m very generous and gave my students three free classes for every converted referral.

I also posted a video featuring the Abridge Academy curriculum on the XiaoHongShu app. It got over 300 views in just a few days, some parents reposted it to their own social media, and I got 10 more students for trial classes!

Charge what you’re worth!

Filipino teachers’ rates on teaching platforms are way too low. I used to only earn 10 RMB per class ($3/ hour). One of the parents told me that I deserved more – she even told me not to let Chinese parents negotiate my pay rate.

As an independent teacher, now I charge 40 RMB per class ($12/ hour), so I have quadrupled my hourly income. Although it is lower than many native English speakers charge, I’m doing well and 31 students are a big blessing for me.

Sell packages upfront

I don’t negotiate on pricing with parents, but instead I sell by packages. I tell them “The more lessons you buy, the less money you pay” – a discount of 50rmb will do. Most of my students bought a 50 lesson package upfront, so I will see their kids for the next 3-4 months.

Just go for it!

I’m even helping my friends who are still teaching with platforms now to gain private students. They felt that they had no choice but to continue with the company because they didn’t know how to start doing private classes. But actually, it’s not too difficult!

Thank you so much Teacher Rabbi for sharing your insights! Have you been inspired? Check out our Abridge Academy curriculum for professional teaching materials, and the Teaching the Chinese ESL Market course for actionable advice to market your online teaching business in China!

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