Phonics playgrounds for Koala Go

Want to make your online phonics lessons even more fun for kids? Check out Emily’s amazing Koala Go playgrounds to accompany the Abridge Academy phonics course – get playground 1 (lessons 1-3) and playground 2 (lessons 4-7) now or check out the details below:

What is Koala Go?

Koala Go is an awesome new online teaching platform designed specifically with virtual learning in mind. This includes:

  • A collaborative whiteboard system, with the ability to directly upload worksheets, slides, PDF ebooks, etc;
  • A co-browser tool, enabling your students to directly interact with the Abridge Academy slides or play online games;
  • Koala Playground, a Minecraft-style virtual learning world immersing your students in learning through play.

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What are Koala Go Playgrounds?

The Koala Go Playground area is a fully immersive virtual learning world – kinda similar to Minecraft but with more of an education focus!

You can build incredible activities within playground, and kids love being able to run around exploring these activities – just like in a video game.

Emily’s Koala Go playgrounds are designed to accompany the Abridge Academy phonics course, with additional practice activities and a fun learning environment for young learners. Each playground covers one module of the course (2-3 lessons plus a review lesson), with the potential for hours of practice to really consolidate students’ learning.

Playground activities

These playgrounds include various activities, including:

  • Listening to simple words to identify the sounds;
  • Blending together letter sounds to sound out CVC words;
  • Matching lower case and upper case letters;
  • Tracing and writing the letters;
  • Reviewing and acting out some of the decodable reader stories from the lesson slides;
  • Flexible phonics blending boards to practice blending and segmenting sounds.

You can easily jump between the lesson slides (in the Koala co-browser) and the accompanying playground activities, thus creating a more engaging and varied lesson experience for your students.

Get your phonics playgrounds now!

Ready to supercharge your online phonics classes? Get playground 1 (lessons 1-3) and playground 2 (lessons 4-7) today!

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