PalFish: Getting OKC students

Official Kids Course (OKC) students are those who have already signed up for the paid program with PalFish. They purchase a package of classes, which they generally take with a range of tutors. PalFish actively encourages students to try out a range of different tutors initially and continue to have classes with multiple tutors per week, in order to provide them with a more diverse learning experience (and also reduce the impact on PalFish if one or more tutors turn out to be a bit unreliable).

How are OKC students allocated?

Official Kids Course students are allocated tutors in a slightly different way to trial classes. Note that even if a trial class student purchases a package of classes, they will not automatically be allocated to you as their tutor – you are marketing the program, not yourself.

OKC students have more flexibility to select their preferred tutor from all those available. Headteachers (essentially a sales person from PalFish who is responsible for communicating with parents) will send parents specific recommendations of tutors they think would be most suitable, but parents ultimately book the classes.

How do headteachers make their recommendations?

Headteachers make their recommendations on a variety of factors, and there is no set algorithm or rules. Headteachers can watch your class recordings in order to get a feel for your teaching style – for example, whether you work best with older students or have the ability to engage more reluctant or naughty kids in class.

Headteachers will also take into consideration parents’ demographic preferences (accent, qualifications, etc) and your availability to narrow down the list of tutors in a similar way to the trial class algorithm. Therefore, our top tips for getting new trial classes will also help you receive more OKC students.

How can you stand out to parents?

OKC students are not automatically assigned to the headteacher’s recommended tutors, instead parents are given a shortlist to select from.

Parents can then browse your profile to decide whether or not to sign up their child to take a class with you. Therefore, it is really essential that your profile stands out:

  • Have a good profile picture, showing your classroom background or teaching experience
  • Write a summary list of key selling points right at the top of your introduction, ideally translated into Chinese
  • Film a great introductory video which shows off your teaching style, enthusiasm and teaching environment/ tools
  • Post regular moments posts which are eye catching, memorable and genuinely valuable for students

Parents may also choose separately to make their own requests, for example due to friend recommendations, a particularly outstanding trial class experience, or spotting your profile through being featured or active on the reading app. Check out the lessons on being featured and using the reading app for some extra tips!

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