PalFish: Getting featured

One of the most effective ways to really boost your PalFish bookings is to be featured officially by PalFish.

I was featured on PalFish’s official WeChat (Chinese WhatsApp/ Instagram equivalent) channel shortly after being accepted onto the platform, and went from having around 30% of my open slots booked to over 95% consistently ever since.

Literally overnight I went from feeling that PalFish was a bit slow starting, to it really taking off!

Note: There is no official way to guarantee being featured, and while many teachers and admins say that they do aim to feature as many teachers as possible (particularly new tutors) it is not guaranteed. Do NOT pester your admin asking to be featured, this would be considered very unprofessional.

Where does PalFish feature teachers?

PalFish features tutors in many different places, including:

  • Within the PalFish moments tab on the students’ app
  • Within the “teachers” tab on the students’ app (see image)
  • On Chinese social media platforms (e.g. WeChat or Chinese TikTok)
  • On foreign social media platforms (particularly Instagram and Facebook)

You may be featured on multiple channels, for example most videos and images on Instagram are also duplicated on their WeChat account.

How can I get featured?

Firstly, be aware that there is no guaranteed way to get featured, this is at the discretion of PalFish. However, they have revealed some information on how they select teachers to be featured.

Priority is given to teachers who convert at least three trial class students into paying PalFish customers within any two month period. Therefore, one of the best ways to get featured is simply to work hard at selling packages to your trial class students! This also boosts you up the ranking for being allocated new trial class students – hence why many PalFish teachers find they receive significantly more trial class bookings after each successful conversion.

PalFish will also watch the recordings of teachers’ classes in order to select those who have outstanding teaching skills. This may be prompted by your successful trial class sales, or also due to your PalFish admin paying special attention to your classes (hence why keeping a positive relationship with your admin is so important).

Finally, PalFish also regularly offer fun competitions for teachers to take part in. These usually relate to posting moments posts within PalFish and simultaneously on your own social media (generally Instagram or Facebook) while tagging PalFish’s account. In the past few months, competitions have included posting pictures or videos with the #FoodSharing hashtag, making a video about Easter traditions or celebrations and sharing a picture of your classroom teaching props. These are very easy and fun to join in!

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