LTL Flexi classes

Looking to study Asian languages, from Chinese to Vietnamese? Get a massive 40% off your first month of classes with LTL using the code Abridge!

Professional teachers

LTL classes are taught by professional teachers

Small group classes

With a maximum of six students!

Affordable Live Classes

Classes start from just €8/ hour!

Your schedule

Sign up to classes around YOUR schedule!

How to receive your discount

Sign up for an account on the LTL website to get started.

In the payment section, enter the discount code “Abridge” to receive 40% off your first month! 

LTL bills for classes on a per-month basis. You pre-purchase a set number of class credits, which you can then spend flexibly on classes that month. Your subscription will automatically renew (at the full price) until you cancel.

Visit the main dashboard or the “my level” page to sign up for classes according to your own schedule. 

40% discount off LTL flexi classes with the code Abridge

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