Best Black Friday deals for online ESL teachers

Are you looking to up your online ESL teaching game next year? Black Friday is the perfect time to invest in the tools you need – with huge discounts available on everything from tech to training!

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Teaching materials

We couldn’t start a blog post without a little self-promo! You can get 50% off your first month’s membership with the code BLACKFRIDAY

Our teaching materials are rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ by teachers like you!

  • 500 super interactive lesson slides;
  • Step-by-step beginners core curriculum;
  • Specialist courses on everything from reading to debating;
  • Homework workbooks, lesson previews, flashcards, and lesson feedback all included.

Join the Abridge Academy curriculum today to discover why thousands of teachers like you trust us to make their lessons a success!

Teaching and booking platforms

Online teaching has come a long way since the Zoom classes of the pandemic, with some incredible technology making online learning genuinely more fun and engaging for students!

Koala Go

Get one month FREE Koala Go, then 20% off!

  • Best for teaching kids;
  • Co-browser for web-based curriculum and games;
  • Minecraft-style virtual learning world;
  • Built-in rewards system;
  • Card + WeChat invoicing.


Get 20% off ClassIn business plan!

  • Best whiteboard-focused or group teaching platform;
  • Excellent out-of-class features: homework assignments, class management, etc.
  • Built-in rewards system.


44% off SuperTeacher annual booking membership!

  • Automate your bookings and payments;
  • One-time classes, packages, group classes and courses;
  • Card and WeChat payments;
  • Integrates with any static-link teaching platform (Koala Go, Zoom, VooV, etc), or their own (whiteboard + co-browser) classroom.

Tech hardware

Us online teachers rely on technology throughout our businesses – particularly during class itself. Upgrade your audio, video and classroom quality with these essential Black Friday deals.

High speed laptop

Best deal: Acer Inspire Vero

With 16GB RAM, this laptop is speedy – essential for high-processing-power online teaching platforms and video conferencing tools. It’s even environmentally-friendly too 🙂

Quality headset

Best deal: EKSA E4 AirComfy

This headset’s noise-cancelling microphone ensures perfect audio, while being comfy for long teaching hours.

Quality webcam

Best deal: NexiGo StreamCam N930E

This high resolution webcam with audio focus and built-in soft ring light is perfect for nighttime classes!

Training for teachers

Looking to get certified, move into a higher-value niche (IELTS coaching, business English, etc) or simply learn how to get started teaching online independently? Invest in your future with these amazing Black Friday deals!

TEFL courses

TEFL courses and short courses (IELTS, business English, etc):

iTEACH program

Get started teaching independently, with $100 off this coaching program for Black Friday – plus message Jess after purchase saying Abridge Academy referred you for a BONUS 7-day Facebook marketing challenge!

What are you buying this Black Friday?

Wow, that’s a LOT of amazing Black Friday discounts for online teachers! Before getting carried away though, always remember that deals do come around again – only invest in the tools you’ll actually use to add value to your online teaching business. Keep an eye on the refund policies and renewal prices to avoid unexpected price increases in the future.

One such tool we’re sure you’ll love is of course our Abridge Academy curriculum! We keep prices low throughout the year, with your subscription price always locked in for life (as long as your subscription is maintained) and the flexibility to cancel any time. There’s a special 50% discount available until Sunday with the code BLACKFRIDAY. Get started with the Abridge Academy curriculum today!

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