Extending lessons with creative project-based learning

Teachers love the Abridge Academy curriculum for its structured slides and engaging interactive activities! But as an independent teacher you also have the flexibility to add in even more activities, games and projects to suit each individual student.

Let’s welcome Gissele from the USA to share some insights from her recent classes and how she uses creative, hands-on projects to engage her students in English learning!

What do you love about the Abridge Academy curriculum?

The Abridge Academy curriculum is so fun and engaging specially for my younger students. I wish I had signed up a long time ago. Thank you for doing these fun and very educational lessons Katie! 

What inspired you to add in these extra activities?

These are my younger students, they need a little extra creativity to keep them engaged. I started doing a project with them at the end of every unit. My students love having fun while learning English!

What projects have you enjoyed recently with your students?

In the art unit (level 1 unit 2), they became little Mondrian’s and created this fabulous art work. Then my students finished the fruit unit (level 1 unit 3) by doing a fruit smoothie with me 😀 

In phonics we did “A is for astronaut”, “r is for rocket ship”, etc. One that they absolutely loved was filling up a balloon with a chemical reaction (vinegar, baking soda). I was teaching them the letter “v” and decided to do this experiment with them (“v is for vinegar”) – they liked it a lot.

How do you use these projects to develop English skills?

Before each lesson, I go through all the materials/ingredients first so the students can learn new vocabulary as we go with the project. Then I have them repeat the new words and steps. The projects link into vocabulary and grammar taught in the core lessons, so there is lots of review. Most importantly, the parents want to hear their children talking!

What tips do you have for preparing project-based lessons?

I coordinate with the parents 2 weeks in advance so they have enough time to gather the materials.

Thank you Gissele for sharing these amazing class insights! 

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