Abridge Academy teachers enjoy some Halloween fun in their online classes!

Hope you’re all still riding the Halloween sugar rush and haven’t had too many spooky surprises. We’re thrilled to hear that our recent Halloween-themed lessons brought a dash of eerie excitement to your virtual classrooms last week! 👻

We always love sharing your incredible class insights—it’s inspiring to see the creativity flowing in ESL classrooms around the globe. Students loved learning about international cultures, developing their creativity and practicing their English skills.

Let’s hear from three amazing online teacherpreneurs about their Halloween lessons! 🍁

Brenda: Pumpkin song

Brenda, who also created our amazing Halloween stories lessons, enjoyed using the pumpkin carving project class with one of her younger students.

This was a fun lesson! We put a twist on the drawing activity and created a fun song about the pumpkin. Thanks Katie for such a cute lesson!

Claire: Halloween group course

Claire put together a two session Halloween course, combining an educational Halloween lesson with a fun craft class.

My children love crafting so we decorated my class background and students dressed up in their favourite halloween costumes. We enjoyed the Halloween shapes lesson and in the arts and craft class we made a halloween jack-o’-lantern from a balloon and orange string – it was messy but so much fun! 

Overall, it was brilliant – not only did they make something but there was new vocabulary learnt in the art class too. The children’s art work was a great success and we certainly did have fun!

Stephanie: Halloween quilling class

Stephanie specialises in quilling and science classes on Outschool and Teach Me Truth. Quilling, which dates back to the 1500s, is using thin strips of colorful paper and turning them around an object to make coils.

Quilling promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity and relaxation. In my one-time class, students were taught how to use quilling shapes to make a pumpkin. In my quilling club, we also made candy corn thank you note cards and pumpkin earrings for teens. 

So, what top tips did these online teachers have to share to make your festive classes a success?

Have fun and let hours of laughter fill the air! Come in costume and give away candy or pumpkins as prizes. ~Brenda

I provided children with a list of what they would need to bring to class and a step by step guide to walk them through the process, thus making the logistics smoother. Children were also provided with a halloween workbook, flashcards and spooky vocabulary word mats to support the educational objectives. ~Claire

[Bearing in mind the diverse cultures and beliefs of students] I don’t celebrate the spooky aspects of Halloween. I just keep it simple with my pumpkin and candy corn crafts. ~Stephanie

Are you looking forward to more festive fun?

Wow, what a spooktacular range of classes – from song-writing and storytelling to creative arts and crafts! 

English learning is not just about vocabulary and grammar; it’s about creating an immersive learning experience, inspiring students with creativity and culture, and having fun. 

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